Wednesday, October 31, 2012


pretty low key halloween over here
full of cuteness and way too much left over
trick or treat candy.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

type tuesday:kerning

 remember this post when i told you i would help you make
free fonts look better? well here is the thing that will help
the most. it's called kerning. (the adjustment of space 
between two letters) sounds simple enough right??
it's subtle but will help your blog, brand, and your hand
designed card for your mom look better. promise. :)

If it’s hard to see, try flipping the type
upside down so you can pay attention to 
the white space between letters instead
of reading the word.

The goal is to equalize the appearance
of white space between the letters visually.

Letters behave differently depending on the
combination. Visually spacing the letters is kind
of like a family. Letters with strong slants 
(ex. A and W) are like the older brother who
push the younger siblings away, while
two lowercase L’s (ll) are like younger sisters
who are obnoxiously clingy. The family needs
to find the balance. It won’t be a perfect calculated
amount, but it will be a beautiful loving family where
older brother learns to love his little sister and little
sister learns to give his brother some space.

too much of a stretch? probably. moving on.. :)

hope you are totally stoked to make all your
free fonts look pretty now. :) 

oh and your free type download..

Monday, October 29, 2012

Augh! My squeedly-spooch!

anybody? anybody?
invader zim.
cause matt and i still have the 
humor of a 12 year old boy. :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

friday freebie: be brave desktop background

i went to the dentist yesterday.

anyone that knows me at all knows to run for the hills when
that happens cause to say that i don't like the dentist is a 
serious understatement.

we're talking "slapping needles out of dentists hands that fly
across the room cause he didn't warn me he was giving me 
a shot and telling my mom to medicate me before i come
in next time" type of i don't like the dentist. 
[don't worry i was like 8 and i have a pretty intense
fight or flight response. my parents should have been
proud that i could defend myself so well against such evil]

anyway. moral of the story is sometimes you have to
do things you don't want to. even if it is as lame as putting
on your big girl panties and going to the dentist.
or maybe it's taking that next step with your business, 
or saying sorry to someone even though you're right.

whatever it is, 
sometimes we have to be brave.

and sometimes
[and by sometimes i mean all of the time]
it's really hard to do.

so just in case you need that little push like i do,
i hope you can use this free desktop background
as a daily reminder.

to download: click on the photo above and then
click "download the Large 2084 size of this photo"
once downloaded, right click on your download
and select "set desktop picture".

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


my baby girl turned 3 months old yesterday.
i hate that they grow out of the newborn phase so fast, 
but the smiles and laughing make it ok. :)
being a mom is all sorts of wonderful.
her dad. he is a big deal in her book.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

type tuesday:handlettering

i'm that person who studies individual letters with as
much excitement as a 14 year old meeting justin bieber.
someday i will design my own typeface and feel so
accomplished and everyone will be like oh.. cool.
my passion is so underrated.
while these aren't perfect by any means,
i made a goal to be drawing in my sketchbook more.
and my word it makes me happy. try it.
even if you aren't good at it, but want to be.
find something that you love the look of 
and try to recreate it. pay attention to the details.
after time it will pay off.
and in the meantime.. you will have a 
sketchbook full of trial and error goodness.

yay free awesome typeface..
download it here

happy tuesday everyone.
ps my baby turns 3 months today..
pictures are coming.
don't say i didn't warn you. :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

the good and the bad

the good..
designing goodness for my best friend's wedding
this little face all day every day
 starting kyra's library
 and one hunk of a husband
the bad..
old hard drive crashing with lots of memories on it.
*enter sicking nauseous wanna curl up in a hole feeling*
stupid monday.

but the more i watch this on repeat.. the better i feel. love her. :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

two year fling

new mexico has totally won me over.
i dunno if we are long-term commitment status..
but i am totally ok with a two year fling.
the desert is beautiful.
all pictures were taken on a 15 minute
walk around my neighborhood.

ps if you missed friday's freebie yesterday, click here.

Friday, October 19, 2012

friday freebie: iphone backgrounds

it's friday! happy day.
i don't know about you but it drives me CRAZY
when i download a background for my phone and those
stinking grey bars cut it off all awkward on your lock screen.
so if any of you guys are slightly crazy like me..
(or i guess you could be perfectly normal & still appreciate it)
i hope you enjoy these non-awkward croppage backgrounds.

to download: click on the link below of the background you would like
then select "download large size of this photo"

matching work hard print
matching owl print & iphone case
matching grateful print

have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

type tuesday: paid vs free fonts

some people have the need to create.
not want or desire but the 
"you might just keel over and die if you don't" need.
i'm getting used to this whole being a mom thing but
i could tell something was off.
and then it hit me..
i wasn't creating anymore.
so my new goal is to do something creative every day.
and so far it has been like a breath of fresh air and
i couldn't possibly be happier.
so if it's ok with you guys, i want to share some of this
with you guys on this here photography/design blog.


i keep seeing lists all over pinterest and blogs
of free downloadable fonts. which don't get me wrong.. 
fonts and free are both wonderful magical things.
but before you go click happy and download every
free font on the market.. let's get educated on the
difference between free and paid fonts.



Each individual letter is a tiny masterpiece
created by somebody's hard work.
Every single letter is shaped and formed and 
every single letter combination is accounted for.
Most of the time type is overlooked and ignored, 
but now that you know a tiny bit more about it, 
you can start to appreciate it and fall in 
love with it like i have.
[and then want to spend a 80billion dollars on fonts]

Now I know we don't have an endless stash of cash
to blow on beautiful well designed fonts.
And even though you usually get what you pay for,
there are some awesome people out there helping out 
us font loving poor people.

also this website is all about getting good fonts out for free.
love them.

next tuesday i will show you guys how to make a free font
look halfway decent with a few simple tips. happy day.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

my baby girl

there are three things i secretly wanted my baby to have..
big eyes, dark hair, and to be cuddly.
somehow i got lucky enough to get all three.
i love this little one and being a mom with
everything that i am.

and i have some photo shoots lined up so don't worry..
you will start seeing new faces on this blog soon.
promise. :) but until then..

daddy's girl since day one. it's ridiculously adorable to be honest.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

custom designed holiday cards!

50 double sided 5x7 custom holiday cards (with envelopes)
sent directly to your front door. 

cut all the stress out of holiday cards this season by letting me do all the work..
all you have to do it pick one of the 12 custom designed holiday cards 
and send me your image and information. 

thats it! 

i will then send your card to my most trusted professional print lab and 
they will drop your lovelies on your front door step with 
only the best print quality and shipment care. 

it can take up to 1-2 weeks, possibly longer the closer we get to the holidays,
so order now to check off your list of things to do before your lives become to hectic. 

FREE SHIPPING and only $1.70 a card (for a total of $85 for 50 cards)
for a beautiful professionally printed finished product.

and for those who will be using photos i have taken, 
contact me for a $10 off coupon :) 

thanks so much and let me know if you have any questions at all!