Monday, October 22, 2012

the good and the bad

the good..
designing goodness for my best friend's wedding
this little face all day every day
 starting kyra's library
 and one hunk of a husband
the bad..
old hard drive crashing with lots of memories on it.
*enter sicking nauseous wanna curl up in a hole feeling*
stupid monday.

but the more i watch this on repeat.. the better i feel. love her. :)


lori said...

i'm so sorry about your hard drive. :( such bad news, but i'm glad you see the good in your life, because your good is REALLY good!!! what an adorable, sweet, lovely family you have!! love you...xoxo

Cassi Penrod said...

Oh my gosh! That little girl is so cute! I love the squeals!

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