Tuesday, October 16, 2012

type tuesday: paid vs free fonts

some people have the need to create.
not want or desire but the 
"you might just keel over and die if you don't" need.
i'm getting used to this whole being a mom thing but
i could tell something was off.
and then it hit me..
i wasn't creating anymore.
so my new goal is to do something creative every day.
and so far it has been like a breath of fresh air and
i couldn't possibly be happier.
so if it's ok with you guys, i want to share some of this
with you guys on this here photography/design blog.


i keep seeing lists all over pinterest and blogs
of free downloadable fonts. which don't get me wrong.. 
fonts and free are both wonderful magical things.
but before you go click happy and download every
free font on the market.. let's get educated on the
difference between free and paid fonts.



Each individual letter is a tiny masterpiece
created by somebody's hard work.
Every single letter is shaped and formed and 
every single letter combination is accounted for.
Most of the time type is overlooked and ignored, 
but now that you know a tiny bit more about it, 
you can start to appreciate it and fall in 
love with it like i have.
[and then want to spend a 80billion dollars on fonts]

Now I know we don't have an endless stash of cash
to blow on beautiful well designed fonts.
And even though you usually get what you pay for,
there are some awesome people out there helping out 
us font loving poor people.

also this website is all about getting good fonts out for free.
love them.

next tuesday i will show you guys how to make a free font
look halfway decent with a few simple tips. happy day.


lori said...

great information! so awesome!!! let's here it for fonts...hip, hip hooray!!

Fab Five said...

Wow, I had no idea. Thanks for sharing!

erin m judd said...

I love this post, Tara! I kept thinking of posting something similar.. but just didn't think I could execute it well. Thank you for such a beautiful, non-snooty job!
also.. totally in the same boat with motherhood and creativity. I can always tell when it's been too long since I created something beautiful when I start to get down about things. well said!

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