Tuesday, October 23, 2012

type tuesday:handlettering

i'm that person who studies individual letters with as
much excitement as a 14 year old meeting justin bieber.
someday i will design my own typeface and feel so
accomplished and everyone will be like oh.. cool.
my passion is so underrated.
while these aren't perfect by any means,
i made a goal to be drawing in my sketchbook more.
and my word it makes me happy. try it.
even if you aren't good at it, but want to be.
find something that you love the look of 
and try to recreate it. pay attention to the details.
after time it will pay off.
and in the meantime.. you will have a 
sketchbook full of trial and error goodness.

yay free awesome typeface..
download it here

happy tuesday everyone.
ps my baby turns 3 months today..
pictures are coming.
don't say i didn't warn you. :)


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