Saturday, April 30, 2011

levi & leah [take two]

we got snowed out half way through their last shoot
so we decided to go out today and take a few more while the sun was out.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

$10 off

available to anyone who may be interested.
available this week only. 

the toasted coconut

ok so for real.. this girl is one of the most craftiest/awesome people i have ever met.
so i am pretty sure you will love her and all her vintage inspired pretties she creates.
i about died when i saw these lace tights & bloomers.
i want to buy them for every human that has a little girl.


and if i had pretty fingers i would snatch up 
this beautiful ring in two seconds

and ok.. i claim to be an artist right? 
so explain to me why i every time i go to make something i find at a thrift store 
or DI cool it always turns out worse than when i started?
not emily though. she is AMAZING!!
her blog has the CUTEST ideas ever.
so if you want an afternoon of swooning make sure you check her out.

oh oh OH!!! and for a limited time she is 
donating 10% of every purchase to the relief efforts in japan.
whatta gal.

moral of the story is there is so much goodness all over the place
that you should go check it all out for yourself. =]

Monday, April 25, 2011

a lotta rock

ok so maybe "a lotta rock" was way too cheesy of a title for 
my rock crawling jeep trip and rock concert pictures 
but i made myself laugh a little 
so hopefully all you cheese balls out there 
got a kick out of it too.

ok anyway..

my awesome dad took us on a jeep trip to death valley.
it was SO much fun.
matt and i drove my dads wrangler and he drove the 1942 jeep whillys.
yeeah baby.
i have a pretty awesome dad that lets me do lots of cool stuff. 
the joke is that when going on vacations with my dad you might not get fed 
but you will have a great time till you die of hunger
because he really enjoys being in the absolute middle of nowhere.
*cough death valley cough*
i love that man. =]

those are some dang sexy jeeps

my dad walked out on this awesome dry lake bed
and gave me his famous "peace sign" pose.

matt tried to walk out there too.. but didn't quite make it.
awesome. that stuff was stanky too.

such smolder.

smelly factory but we found FOOD!
and we didn't get sick from it.
such an accomplishment for a ty larson vacation. 
 we saw lots of cool stuff and then got to stay in a beautiful hotel.
such a good time.

how often do you get to see your favorite band FOR FREE?!
yup. matt and i got to see REVIS at this sweet club in LA for free.
(even though we wandered around middle of nowhere with miles of mountains 
around us as far as the eye could see carsick out of my mind with an empty gas tank 
trying to get there.. but lets leave that out cause it wasn't very pleasant)
but we made it there alive over an hour late but didn't miss them.. 

matt waiting

them in all their beautiful glory..

pretty dang awesome. they were amazing live.
and the lead singer handed me a free shirt and was the nicest guy ever. 
dope. =]

this song mayyyy change your life:
just listen.. don't feel like you have to watch it. =] 

Friday, April 22, 2011


these people are seriously some of my very favoritist ever.
i met elisa my very first semester up at college and loved her the second i met her.
we seriously have so many crazy memories it's ridiculous.

like this one..
(actually i am pretty sure this happened more than once)

and this one..
totally my fault. oops..

or when she attempted to cut ralphs hair and i had to go save his poor head.

or when we went on a roadtrip and got so insanely lost 
that i thought i would never see my family again. 

or when we would get in trouble for having boys in our dorm 
when we weren't supposed to.

or when i ran into her room crying and she made me feel better.

and so many more but i dunno if she would appreciate me 
putting them on my blog =]

bottom line is.. I LOVE HER!! and her awesome husband.
and now they are graduated!!
so so excited for them.
 hello aren't they the most beautiful people you have ever seen?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

spring break part one: a bunch of crazy animals

the treck from idaho to california is not an easy one.
but so so worth it.

i got to see my beautiful sister.

and my best friend brittany.
she was forced to get the kids meal and we were pretty stoked about it.

AND THEN!! we were driving in the middle of nowhere in utah and saw a ZEBRA!
a petting zoo with a real legit zebra at some random gas station.
best potty break of my life.

chicken butt

look how happy he is to be with matt
little did we know he was about to 
munch down on matts arm when he wasn't looking.
hence the devious smile i guess.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

be happy

i am bored at work but i found this quote and i like it.
hope you do too.
happy tuesday everyone.
and yes i used the same exact colors i designed my blog with.
they are good ones ok?! hah.

posts coming soon about our wonderful week in california.
i miss it already.

oh oh oh aaaand..
here are some fun pictures my incredibly awesome mother took of me 
while we were down there.

that lady has some serious skills

oh and one more thing..

Friday, April 15, 2011

precious little jade

i got to take pictures of the cutest little girl today.
it was extra awesome because her mom is my good friend from way way back.
we are talking overalls and middle part way back.
she is now the most beautiful mom ever and has a wonderful little family.
and she MADE little jade's tutus. 
how awesome is she?!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

beautiful meranda

isn't she so pretty?
we took pictures for her holy first communion.
she looked like a princess.