Friday, October 19, 2012

friday freebie: iphone backgrounds

it's friday! happy day.
i don't know about you but it drives me CRAZY
when i download a background for my phone and those
stinking grey bars cut it off all awkward on your lock screen.
so if any of you guys are slightly crazy like me..
(or i guess you could be perfectly normal & still appreciate it)
i hope you enjoy these non-awkward croppage backgrounds.

to download: click on the link below of the background you would like
then select "download large size of this photo"

matching work hard print
matching owl print & iphone case
matching grateful print

have a great weekend!


Natasha said...

Those are lovely!!!! =))))
Good job =)))))))))))

lori said...

so FABULOUS!!! i LOVE these and i LOVE how everything goes together! thank you!!! xoxo

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