Sunday, June 5, 2011


be prepared to lay your eyes on one heck of an attractive couple.
janet and brandon are just adorable.
janet put lots of time and thought into making this engagement shoot perfect.
it felt like we were just hanging out for the afternoon
(minus me stalking them with my camera)
we fed ducks, had a picnic, went for a bike ride, and relaxed in a field of flowers.
they even shared their cookies with me. 

look at this guy and his sweet hat painting away.
i love it.

my word she is beautiful.

brandon served his mission in mexico so they brought jarritos!
so so perfect. i love it.
and check out that bling. AHmazing.

this picture makes my whole heart smile.


Jessica said...

Wow. I am far from getting engaged/ married, but this shoot is exactly what I'd like mine to capture. Besides that, it is just beyond gorgeous. Kudos.

mallosaurus said...

TARA!!! you did the "they-lay-down-while-you-stand-right-above-them-taking-a-picture" picture! and it looks PERFECT! did you bring a chair? :) plus her hair is perfect and the purple flowers are perfect! i love it! and that girl is so adorable to make the shoot more like an event (picnic, bike rides!) And that watermelon picture that makes your heart happy makes my heart happy too... and it makes me want to be friends with her. and covet her eyelashes. and covet your talent. k loveyoubye

kelsie rae. said...

way beautiful!!!!! janet is beautiful as always! her clothes are always to DIE for! GREAT JOB gguuurrll. i love that lavender field!

Jessica&Jeremy said...

wow. wow. wow.

Melody said...

Wow is right! Proud to claim them. Love you guys what a beautiful couple you make. You picked a great photographer to capture your sparkle! Love you Mom Peacock

lori said...

every single picture is spectacular! love this so much!!! your talent is beyond fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful!
Love Love all the pictures. May add that her outfits were sooo cute!

LindsayNicole said...

These are just perfection! They are beautiful and absolutely breathtaking. Thanks for sharing <3

Sara T. said...

Tara! These are perfect. You did a GREAT job :)

Anonymous said...

Wow her engagemnet ring is just so beautiful! I`m dying to know where she got it- anyone have any idea?

Anonymous said...


Kelly said...

This is my *perfect* engagement shoot. Seriously, I get lost in your blog.

Also, I need to own her cloche hat and her navy skirt. Where does this girl shop??

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