Wednesday, September 28, 2011


this is mallonao (mallory naomi)
whom i freaking love with all of my heart.
you guys have seen her on my blog before
but thats what happens when your bff
(who conveiently became your cousin) is this gorgeous
and you need a model for your hw assignment.
you rock mallory. thanks a billion.

Monday, September 26, 2011


i think these pictures pretty much speak for themselves
but just incase.. this couple is GORGEOUS!
seriously. look at them go.
this shoot was full of legit fist pumps and happy dances on my part.
i loved how game they were. they were totally cool with
crossing a freezing cold river all for the sake of a fun picture.
they sure do know how to make a photog happy.
oh and check out the facebook too. =]
 arianna is an incredible dancer and he proposed to her
in this beautiful ballroom. so romantic huh?

Sunday, September 25, 2011


even though it seems crazy.. 
rexburg, idaho is an awesome place.
a lot of people meet and start their stories here.
like kjersten and JT.
(who are just the cutest ever)
i really wanted to show rexburg in these pictures so they
will always remember their time here once they leave.
these places are photographed a lot but for good reason.
i hope someday when they look back at these pictures that
it will bring them back to this wonderful place and their memories
of falling in love here.

there is picture overload here but just in case you want
to see more or be shown previews in the future and all that goodness..
go to my Facebook.

heart sun flare?
where he bought her ring