Friday, October 26, 2012

friday freebie: be brave desktop background

i went to the dentist yesterday.

anyone that knows me at all knows to run for the hills when
that happens cause to say that i don't like the dentist is a 
serious understatement.

we're talking "slapping needles out of dentists hands that fly
across the room cause he didn't warn me he was giving me 
a shot and telling my mom to medicate me before i come
in next time" type of i don't like the dentist. 
[don't worry i was like 8 and i have a pretty intense
fight or flight response. my parents should have been
proud that i could defend myself so well against such evil]

anyway. moral of the story is sometimes you have to
do things you don't want to. even if it is as lame as putting
on your big girl panties and going to the dentist.
or maybe it's taking that next step with your business, 
or saying sorry to someone even though you're right.

whatever it is, 
sometimes we have to be brave.

and sometimes
[and by sometimes i mean all of the time]
it's really hard to do.

so just in case you need that little push like i do,
i hope you can use this free desktop background
as a daily reminder.

to download: click on the photo above and then
click "download the Large 2084 size of this photo"
once downloaded, right click on your download
and select "set desktop picture".


Brent and Mette Griffith said...

Love it! Ps. your desk looks AWESOME!

Janet Peacock said...

Your desk should be used in a catalog!

Janet Peacock said...

Your desk should be used in a catalog!

lori said...

great post and great desktop image! i love it and i love you, my brave one!

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