Saturday, July 23, 2011


ok i know this is madness but i shot this wedding today.
but i am going on vacation for a while and i wanted them to at least
have a little sneak peak before i left.
and levi's mom wanted some pictures for their california reception
before i left and i got a little carried away.
call it love.

but anyways levi and leah are married!!!
i absolutely adore this couple and promise you they are totally and 
completely perfect for each other in every single way.

introducing mr. and mrs. cadman...

such a beautiful bride.

oh and this whole temple is under INSANE construction.
i am pretty proud that there isn't a single piece of caution tape in any of these pictures.
success. =]

Friday, July 22, 2011

we have some pretty cool friends

hey so ask me what i had for breakfast..
oh you know.. just some Danish Aebleskivers!!
cause we have the coolest best friends ever.
i am seriously about ready to destroy all of arizona so they don't 
leave me next semester. rrrrrrrr [frustration]
anywaysss. ok seriously these things are amazing.
i've eaten like 65 of them today.
it was a nice celebration of finishing this semester.. alive!!!
such a happy day. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

morgan&ryan:wedding [part one]

morgan and ryan!!!
thats how i feel every time i think about this couple.
they are AMAZING!!
seriously cutest happiest couple.
i hope they don't think i am a creepy photographer when i say
i want to stay friends with these guys forever. =]
and their families were so sweet to me the whole day.
oh oh.. and the reception was INCREDIBLE!!
(but you will have to wait for those pictures)

here is part one of the bazillion pictures we have from this beautiful day.

introducing mr. and mrs. schultz

i am seriously and legitimately in love with her ring.


ok so my cousins and i were walking around idaho falls
waiting for the fireworks to start on the 4th of july when my
cousin mallory gasps and says, 
"OH MY GOSH! that is the cutest pregnant girl i have ever seen!"
i look over and it's my beautiful friend bryana who is expecting a little boy.
so when she asked me if i would take her pictures i couldn't be more excited.
i mean.. who wouldn't just love to take pictures of this beautiful couple?