Thursday, April 21, 2011

spring break part one: a bunch of crazy animals

the treck from idaho to california is not an easy one.
but so so worth it.

i got to see my beautiful sister.

and my best friend brittany.
she was forced to get the kids meal and we were pretty stoked about it.

AND THEN!! we were driving in the middle of nowhere in utah and saw a ZEBRA!
a petting zoo with a real legit zebra at some random gas station.
best potty break of my life.

chicken butt

look how happy he is to be with matt
little did we know he was about to 
munch down on matts arm when he wasn't looking.
hence the devious smile i guess.


Kelsie said...

the lamb has CREEEPYYYY eyes. i want to go to that gas station way bad!!!

lori said...

kelsie is so right...that lamb does have creepy eyes! in fact, i feel hypnotized every time i look at that picture! the last picture of the zebra looks so glam! those are some wild looking animals for sure...especially the picture of your sister, kelsey, and your friend, brittany...not too crazy but so cute!!!

mallosaurus said...

yeah the lamb made me want to hide in a corner and cry. but that zebra is SO CUTE!!! not a janky gas station petting zoo zebra, a SAN DIEGO ZOO ZEBRA! that's what that mo-hawked guy was!

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