Thursday, April 28, 2011

the toasted coconut

ok so for real.. this girl is one of the most craftiest/awesome people i have ever met.
so i am pretty sure you will love her and all her vintage inspired pretties she creates.
i about died when i saw these lace tights & bloomers.
i want to buy them for every human that has a little girl.


and if i had pretty fingers i would snatch up 
this beautiful ring in two seconds

and ok.. i claim to be an artist right? 
so explain to me why i every time i go to make something i find at a thrift store 
or DI cool it always turns out worse than when i started?
not emily though. she is AMAZING!!
her blog has the CUTEST ideas ever.
so if you want an afternoon of swooning make sure you check her out.

oh oh OH!!! and for a limited time she is 
donating 10% of every purchase to the relief efforts in japan.
whatta gal.

moral of the story is there is so much goodness all over the place
that you should go check it all out for yourself. =]


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