Friday, April 22, 2011


these people are seriously some of my very favoritist ever.
i met elisa my very first semester up at college and loved her the second i met her.
we seriously have so many crazy memories it's ridiculous.

like this one..
(actually i am pretty sure this happened more than once)

and this one..
totally my fault. oops..

or when she attempted to cut ralphs hair and i had to go save his poor head.

or when we went on a roadtrip and got so insanely lost 
that i thought i would never see my family again. 

or when we would get in trouble for having boys in our dorm 
when we weren't supposed to.

or when i ran into her room crying and she made me feel better.

and so many more but i dunno if she would appreciate me 
putting them on my blog =]

bottom line is.. I LOVE HER!! and her awesome husband.
and now they are graduated!!
so so excited for them.
 hello aren't they the most beautiful people you have ever seen?


mallosaurus said...

what a good idea to get graduate pictures!

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