Monday, April 25, 2011

a lotta rock

ok so maybe "a lotta rock" was way too cheesy of a title for 
my rock crawling jeep trip and rock concert pictures 
but i made myself laugh a little 
so hopefully all you cheese balls out there 
got a kick out of it too.

ok anyway..

my awesome dad took us on a jeep trip to death valley.
it was SO much fun.
matt and i drove my dads wrangler and he drove the 1942 jeep whillys.
yeeah baby.
i have a pretty awesome dad that lets me do lots of cool stuff. 
the joke is that when going on vacations with my dad you might not get fed 
but you will have a great time till you die of hunger
because he really enjoys being in the absolute middle of nowhere.
*cough death valley cough*
i love that man. =]

those are some dang sexy jeeps

my dad walked out on this awesome dry lake bed
and gave me his famous "peace sign" pose.

matt tried to walk out there too.. but didn't quite make it.
awesome. that stuff was stanky too.

such smolder.

smelly factory but we found FOOD!
and we didn't get sick from it.
such an accomplishment for a ty larson vacation. 
 we saw lots of cool stuff and then got to stay in a beautiful hotel.
such a good time.

how often do you get to see your favorite band FOR FREE?!
yup. matt and i got to see REVIS at this sweet club in LA for free.
(even though we wandered around middle of nowhere with miles of mountains 
around us as far as the eye could see carsick out of my mind with an empty gas tank 
trying to get there.. but lets leave that out cause it wasn't very pleasant)
but we made it there alive over an hour late but didn't miss them.. 

matt waiting

them in all their beautiful glory..

pretty dang awesome. they were amazing live.
and the lead singer handed me a free shirt and was the nicest guy ever. 
dope. =]

this song mayyyy change your life:
just listen.. don't feel like you have to watch it. =] 


kelsie rae. said...

dddaaannnggg looks like you had an awesome spring break! that picture of matt in the shadows is awesome! and all the other pictures are too of course.

Lacy Lange said...

That looks like SO fun!! I'm sad my Dad sold his Willy's jeep when I was little. It was BEAUTIFUL. Candy apple red, all refinished...we just didn't have room for it :(
My hubby & father in law went down to Moab over the weekend to do the whole Rock Crawling thing too. Looks like fun!

lori said...

"smelly factory but we found FOOD! and we didn't get sick from it. such an accomplishment for a ty larson vacation."


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