Monday, December 5, 2011

the Willits family

these guys mean the world to me.
they were our first friends in our apartment complex after we got married.
patricia is one of the sweetest most genuine people ever.
they fed us dinner all the time when we were so broke we could barely afford toilet paper.
and they love our travis so they double score as cool friends. :)
and their little morgan?! hello. one of the cutest babies i have ever seen.
she flirts with my husband and gives him the biggest smiles ever.
it is pretty stinking adorable.
it was absolutely FREEZING so we brought the rest inside so we could all keep our toes.
 patricia!!! you are such a BABE!


J_PWillits said...

Thank you so much! Once again they are amazing!

mallosaurus said...

that baby did not fall asleep DURING the shoot, did she?! my word so precious... those last few pics of her smiling! and your cute present prop! {ha, present prop}. i love patricia.

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