Sunday, November 20, 2011

the Elliott family

this family is seriously 100% gorgeous.
the kids laughed and laughed the whole time.
i wish i could put a sound clip on here so you could 
maybe understand how stinking cute it was.
i loved it with all my heart.
to see more click here.


the h fam. said...

Love these pictures! Beautiful family and kids!

lori said...

what a great family shoot...such a beautiful family!!! these pictures will be treasured today, tomorrow, and forever! priceless...every one of them!

Rachel Elliott said...

love! love! love!! thank you so much!!

mallosaurus said...

that entire family has flawless faces... i couldn't get over it. i thought you photoshopped them, but then i realized you wouldn't have done it to EVERY single photo! nor have you ever photoshopped anyone's natural features. those kids have immaculate faces! Also Tara I've never told you this but i LOVE that you always have a couple shots of the parents together alone. Man and wife is so special and needs attention too ;)

J_PWillits said...

The last pic of the brother and sister is freakin AAAAdorable! <3

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