Thursday, October 6, 2011

sad snow day

it's snowing outside and that makes me sad.
but i came home, got on my computer and my dog travis came up to my feet 
scrambling and trying with all his might to fit between my legs and the desk 
so he could sit in my lap. 
that made the snow not so terrible.
thanks trav.


lori said...

good ol' travis to the rescue with his heart-shaped mark on his chin! what a cute little doggie. p.s. so sorry about the snow. snow this early in the season is not acceptable. go play some christmas music or something! xoxo

mallosaurus said...

i still can't believe it. i'm convinced it will stop at the end of the week and return to 70s next week.

kate said...

Tara! I got a new phone and lost your number... and just stumbled across your blog. Text me! Our dogs need a play date soon.

I seriously can't believe the snow today. Gross.

Your photos looks so great by the way...

Cassie Brady said...

So, I just thought I should tell you that I should be doing about a million things right now, like my digital imaging case study, or fixing my horrible html, but I got hooked on your blog, which is super cute, just like your little dog Travis! :)

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