Sunday, October 9, 2011

as of late

it was my husbands birthday and i made him a sweet cake..
that tasted absolutely horrible cause i accidentally bought sugar free frosting.
so it's nice to look at, but none of us will eat it.
the splenda headache is so not worth it.
we ditched work, slept in, went out to eat every meal, and opened presents.
and mallory saved the day from my cake disaster and brought him incredible cupcakes.
i am so glad he was born.
i love him more than words could ever say.
then on friday we were supposed to go camping for matt's birthday
but it rained and snowed like crazy so we figured it was a bad idea.
so we went and splashed around in puddles instead.
after, we hung out with our other cousins, brynn, bryce, & cali
and made smores in their kitchen.
cali may just be the cutest almost 2 year old ever.
such a ham.
and THEN! we went caving again. fun fun fun.
marking the entrance. awesome.
when we came out the whole valley was GOLD!
cheesygoodness sunset pictures.

i love my husband and our life together.


lori said...

beautiful...your life and YOU!!!

Fealyclan said...

I love this post. The pictures are awesome and I think you two are way too cute. :)

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