Tuesday, October 11, 2011

tiny hazel

i seriously mean it when i say tiny...
5lbs tiny.
and the most adorable little thing in this big ol world.
huge beautiful eyes, perfect full lips, and a button nose.
all the features we would do anything for.
i was seriously in awe the whole time and couldn't get enough of her.
and we had the cutest props from scrappy yarn EVER!
talk about photographer heaven.
gorgeous mom. hazel didn't stand a chance.. of course she is beautiful.
cutest potential christmas card ever? i vote yes.


lori said...

so incredibly precious...each and every picture!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how cute these all are. Who made all the outfits?

mallosaurus said...

ohhhh so cute!!! i love your yellow desk in all these photoshoots! it's THE best prop against your walls and cute rug. lovelove everything.

Spencer, Jen, and Zoe said...

Tara you are amazing! These pictures are so wonderful. It doesn't hurt that my niece is just about the cutest thing ever, but still.... You are so great!

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