Monday, July 11, 2011


 so we got the heck out of rexburg for a weekend in wyoming 
with our amazing friends brent and mette. 
their aunt and uncle have this sweet cabin there
and were nice enough to let us use it. 

the gps kept bringing us forever down these dirt roads 
that would bring us right to where we needed to be but blocked with a locked gate. 
but it was SO PRETTY! and pretty humorous.
when we finally got there we rode our bikes, went fishing, 
and ate some dang good food. 

some highlights: 
getting lost, sleeping under a moose, getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, 
matt catching every animal he could get his hands on, brent falling in the river, 
mette getting a sweet battle wound, taking lots of awesome pictures, 
it being breathtaking beautiful every where we went, 
and awesome company.

we are so lucky to have the friends we do.

prettiest mistake the gps ever made

makes me laugh every time.

brent climbing out of the freezing water.
hahah. so sad but so so funny.

ahhh... i'm so in love with this handsome man.

this girl seriously rocks.

such a good husband =]

the group

drive home [photo credit goes to mette]


lori said...

what a delightful and adventurous little trip! that sky...ohhhhh that sky! it's looks like some gorgeous country! LOVE the pics!

Brent and Mette Griffith said...

I love this! And you seriously rock. I feel pretty lucky to have a bff like you ;) and love love that our husbands are bffs too haha. Love it and thanks for the awesome pictures.

mallosaurus said...

oh my word that moose picture with matt's face - hahahhahaha. this looks like it was so awesome and pretty! and i love the pic of brent carrying mette... so precious. love you all!

Anonymous said...

beautiful scenery, beautifully captured!

that moose head does look a little creepy though :)

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