Sunday, July 3, 2011

the jones family

austin & dawn have two of the cutest little kids i have ever seen.
and lorelai and spencer are lucky to have the parents they do.

i took pictures of 50 couples a couple months ago and
austin and dawn were sweet enough to help me out with that.
so when she contacted me about taking pictures of her family, i was SO excited.
then when i saw lorelai's hair and spencer's huge beautiful eyes,
i almost keeled over in excitement.

and hello.. isn't this the most perfect shoot ever for 4th of july weekend?

it always amazes me when couples say they are awkward
in front of the camera and then i get shots like these.
i seriously could take pictures of these wonderful people all day. :)

she was nice enough to share her soggy graham cracker with me.


Dawn said...

oh my gosh tara!!! i love them!!!!!!
can't stop looking or smiling! you're the best!

lori said...

these are so unbelievably darling! i LOVE them all! what a treasure!!!

The Stokes said...

these are amazing! I am a good friend of Dawn and Austin! LOVE the JONES!

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