Monday, July 11, 2011


i know i always say this.. but i really just LOVED this shoot.
candice was my very first friend.
we made mud pies and sang all i want for christmas is my two front teeth together.
and now she is getting married to chris who i instantly liked.
they are so cute together and i am so unbelievably excited for them
i can hardly stand it.

i love photographing engaged couples.
it really does just make my heart happy.

those eyes!! my word candice. they are GORGEOUS!
i'm just slightly obsessed with her ring.
ok.. maybe more than slightly.
outfit change and i brought them to one of the most popular restaurants in rexburg.
i will seriously love them forever for letting me do this.
these two seriously are awesome.


lori said...

i adore these pictures so much! how fun for the two of you to meet up again and do something like this together! i love it and i LOVE these pictures!!!

Carly and Tyler said...

Oh my gosh!! So many cute ones!! You are AWESOME! And those are some pretty cute clients too :)

jordan paige said...

these are STUNNING! when i get married you're taking my engagements :)

mckenzie said...

Amazing. You just get better and better and better!! Love it.

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