Friday, February 25, 2011

our 1,300 year old entertainment

winter in rexburg + being a college student = a lot of time spent on the computer.
after about a few hours of sitting next to my hubs on our computers 
without saying a word last night i about snapped. 
i went to the kitchen and got out a bunch of glass bowls
(we got like 16 sets for our wedding. apparently it was the hot item in august.
but they have come in handy a lot. like last night for example)
and some q-tips. 
then we played the sweetest game of mancala you have ever seen.
(for the record, best 2 out of 3: i trashed him. just sayin.)



tori b. said...

love it. such a great idea. we might have to try it out.

Courtney said...

I love this! So creative. We just get out the game "Sorry" if we're bored. If you ever need to borrow it or one of our many other boardgames, we're just one building away. Do it, even if it is freezing.

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