Friday, February 25, 2011


 i just randomly was looking through my wedding pictures 
and was overwhelmed with how lucky i am to have my husband.
so you guys get to hear about it.

he thinks i am funny and makes me feel like a million bucks.
he is completely loyal and inspirers me.
he is my best friend. 
i have a hard time with girls nights cause he can't come.
he plays california speed with me even though i win every time.
he does the dishes and he is a babe.
no matter what happens in life, we are going to go through it hand in hand.
forever and for always.
see what i mean? lucky.

and he still loves me even when i look like this:

end of our first dance:

our song:


kelsie rae. said...

dang gurl you're on a roll with blogging! i love it! you two are a hot couple.

p.s. i love your manacla hahahahahaha. way awesome.

Courtney said...

<3 said...

love ben harper! my friends dad is his bass player. =)

In My Tennis Shoes said...

ya'll are so cute! congrats on a great guy! your blog and pics are great!

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