Wednesday, February 23, 2011

pie shakes and puppies. hello happiness.

first of all i want to thank you guys for all the love that has been sent my way today 
from the shoot of sydney and tyson. i just love them in all their oozing cuteness.
it is so fun hearing from all of you though.
you guys seriously rock.

but yeah..
i went on a hot date with my best friend mallory today.
you might remember her from here or here.
sammy's was having buy one get one free pie shake.
yes, my friends, i said pie shake. 
two of the greatest desserts of all time blended into a cup of wonderful goodness with whipped cream on top.
hello. i love my life.

these two lovies are married and sammy's schedules them to work at the same time.
freaking cute huh?

and you know how people get baby hungry? 
well we are puppy hungry.
this is tiny lexi. we are watching her for a friend for a while.
we'll see if i give her back or not.
i am kinda in love.
travis likes her too.

yeah, that stuffed animal was cute at one point...

lots of love from you guys, pie shakes, and a freaking cute puppy.
i'd say that makes for a pretty dang good day.


Katarina Esperante said...

pie shakes look yummy :)
we don't eat pie very often in australia though, so i'm having a bit of trouble imagining what those shakes would taste like!
awww... gorgeous dogs. they seem to get along so well!

fantastic blog :D

Courtney said...

I think you guys need a puppy. :) It's time.

Sara T. said...

Can you please send me that puppy, and you can tell the owners that it ran away? SO ADORABLE.

The apartments that we are living in here in CO allow pets, and they even have a pet park. I see pups all the time and I want one so so much. John says, "Not until we have our own place." :( But if the puppy just showed up on our doorstep, I don't think he could resist...

Morgan said...

That pup is so adorable I can barely stand it!

Kelly said...

PIE shakes?? Be still my heart.

kelsiec said...

these make me puppy hungry. and sammy's hungry :)

mallosaurus said...

i love our girl dates.

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