Saturday, February 26, 2011

earth by elsie

rexburg had a little boutique today with some of the local etsy sellers.
it was such an good idea and i wanted to buy every freakin little bow-tie and headband in the place.

i dunno about you.. but i have a decently size noggin
so headbands usually KILL after like 15 min.
but with this lace headband, i can hardly tell it's there.
my fat head is finally happy AND looks cute.
this is her site right now.
she just made a ton more so i am sure it will be updated soon.

we brought lexi along and she wooed everyone with her cuteness.


Sara T. said...

I wish I was in Rexburg! I miss you guys. :)

kelsie rae. said...

thanks so much for coming today tara!!!!! it was fun to chat with you guys and that headband looks so pretty and delicate on your cute/decent sized head haha. p.s. please never return lexi.

Alex and Andrew Sorensen said...

woah woah woah. where was this? how could I miss looks cute though!

mallosaurus said...

i like matt's shirt. and you look so good in that headband i want to print a picture of you in it and keep it in my pocket forever.

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