Thursday, February 17, 2011

being "productive"

this is what i do while my hubby and i watch lie to me.
which by the way is fantastic. and i don't even like tv.
but this show will rock your world.
especially if you are paying for netflix and realize you are being ripped off 
because there are just a bunch of poopy lame movies on there.

i want to try printing some of these on rockin awesome paper.
maybe possibly?


kelsie rae. said...

yaaaa do it!

Jeremy Packer said...

YES DOOOOOOO IIIIIITTTT! :) You should make a shirt with the
one! haha I would so wear something like that!

rebecca marie said...

Umm 1. these are adorable.
2. my boyfriend introduced me to Lie To Me and now it's our regular thing, ugh LURV that show. Not love, lurv. That's how much.

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