Friday, February 18, 2011

coming soon-ish

how rad would it be to have one of these beauties hanging up in your house?
i am pretty stoked about it.
it is something my husband and i are working on together to get a wide variety of posters.
[come with me if you want to live.. totally his idea&deisgn. but it makes me laugh every single time]

i am bursting at the seams with ideas. 


Alyssa Brooke said...

OH my gosh these are SO CUTE and CLEVER!! so so fun!!

tori b. said...

Tara! These are SO great! Look at those mad illustrator skills!
That come with me if you want to live one is my fave! Love it.

mallosaurus said...

hahaha matt is funny. i thought it was from a movie or something. i LOVE the guitar/banjo/cello [bass?] one! and of course mr. narwall. hah you are brilliant!

Anonymous said...

The Come with me if you want to live one is pretty awesome!

mallosaurus said...

tara love... can i buy the full res version of the owl design? i wanna hang it on my front door {to replace that Easter design that is 3 weeks old.. haha} How much is it? you can text me, I just wrote on here so you would know what design i'm talking about :)

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