Tuesday, February 15, 2011

such a lover

those who know me or follow my blog know we have a dang cute dog named travis.

every time someone walks by our window he bolts to the top of the couch, shoves his face through the blinds (usually resulting in him smashing his face into the window), and watches them as they walk by.

when i am on my computer, he will curl up next to me, wiggle his head under my arm, and lay it across my keyboard. 

he is such a lover.
want proof?

now.. dog lover or not.. you cannot deny the oozing cuteness of that little heart on his chin.

oh i just love it!


lori said...

hahaha! so CUTE!

kelsie rae. said...

oh my goodness! that is adorable! i want to meet this little guy!

Sara T. said...

Travis! I love that little pup. The heart on his chin is adorable. Great picture Tara :)

Katarina Esperante said...

awww... can i have him? ;)
jokes! i already have a very hyper dog.. maybe he'll calm down as he gets older.

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