Tuesday, April 24, 2012


this may be one of my favorite shoots of all time.
we tromped through mud, climbed trees, ran through sprinklers,
and laughed our stinking heads off the whole time.
he is in the air force and she is a dancer
and they are so adorable together i can hardly stand it.


kelsie rae. said...

wow tara. this is AMAZING! i showed nate and he couldn't believe it was in rexburg! fabulous job, as always :)

mallosaurus said...

why do i love them and i've never even met them? because you tell a story!!! these action shots are the most beautiful things i have ever seen - it is so REAL, ya know? that last picture (and many others) is pure authentic joy. :)

The Hill's said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the sprinklers...you are so talented!

Vanessa Isenbarger said...

These are incredible. The highway and sprinkler pictures are perfect.

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