Monday, October 17, 2011


ok seriously. i love my job.
i really do meet the COOLEST people.
shayla and i clicked instantly and i totally 
and completely love her and her son.
tate is the cutest little guy ever.
he seriously had me laughing out loud the whole time.
and his froggy costume for halloween kills me.
everything about this kid is adorable.
he is all boy and so full of happiness & life.
i told him i would give him candy and this is what happened.
i've got some magical bribing skills people.


lori said...

i've got a smile as big as my face looking at these pictures! so adorable...every single one of them!!!

Merrells said...

AAAHHH!! I am IN LOVE!! These are amazing and you are amazing! You totally captured all of his personality and looks. I love you! Thanks again for talking with me and being so sweet to Tate! Once again you are AWESOME!!!

Fealyclan said...

He is way too cute! haha. Great shoot.

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