Tuesday, October 18, 2011


kate and william have got nothing on these two!
seriously though.. b.e.a.utiful people.
i loved spending the afternoon with them 
getting to know them and their cute story.
they are so genuinely happy together and it's totally contagious.
i am so excited for them to start their beautiful life together.
congrats you two.
hello hair envy.
um yeah. she for real is this hot and he is this dreamy.
the sun peaked through all for us and they
got to experience my nerdy love of beautiful light.


Janet Peacock said...

OH YAY YAY YAY!! I LOVE THEM & I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! I am so glad that Tara got to do your photos she is seriously so talented! I love the color of the fall leaves in contrast to your blue sweater Christina! you did great on the clothes choices! Yall are beautiful together!

mallosaurus said...

such a great place for engagement photos ;)

malo-lilo said...

Оооо... They are so nice! It's so exciting then two people love each other:)))

Hilde Marie Sterri Taylor said...

Absolutely Fabulous!! Love to Handsome Dustin & Beautiful Christina!!! To "Tara Photography" thanks for all you did for our children that special day! Thanks for the fun, the laughter, the complements and the gorgeous pictures. they had a blast with you!! You did an incredible job!! Huge Thank You from Texas to Idaho!!!

Natasha said...

LOVE IT!!!!!
Your works are awesome as always!!! You're getting better and better with every shoot!!!!

Sara said...

your photography inspires me. just wanted to let you know. :-)

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