Saturday, October 29, 2011

mitch&paula's grandkids

ok so i got made fun of the other day by my friend
who says i say every single photo shoot is my favorite.
and he is right. because every shoot IS my favorite.
and i really do mean that with all of my might.
this was no exception.
this is just a tidbit of the pictures we took but
how much would you LOVE to have pictures like this
with your grandparents and cousins
in your grandparents back yard??
family really is such a beautiful wonderful thing.
this little guy might look familiar. this picture cracks me up every single time.


Torrey Palmer said...

All I can say is Amazing!! To get all those kids to look! You are so good Tara.

Suzette Swallow said...

tara...i know the kvardfords....crazy world!! you did a great job!!

Fealyclan said...

What a great shoot! I love it! All the kids are adorable but I must say, I want to steal that little guy in the black and white stripes. You are so good. :)

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