Sunday, September 11, 2011

recent shenanigans

my husband and i celebrated our anniversary in palm springs
before we had to head back up to school.
we absolutely loved it.

then we had to make the 16hr-ish drive from california to rexburg.
it looks like this pretty much the whole time.
so so painful. but we made it.
happy day.

then yesterday we went to the ice caves outside of rexburg 
with our cousins matt & mallory.
these caves are super deep and super awesome.
you walk and slide the whole way to the end on ice.
then at the end there is a big opening with a slide that we messed
around on for forever.
i guess rexburg had its perks after all.

hope you all have the best week of your life.


mallosaurus said...

Palm Springs looked GORGEOUS. love that pic of the orange bug :) and i'm glad we're finding the perks of Rexburg finally. haha

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