Monday, September 5, 2011

the Olson family

i am so blessed to have the clients i do!!
these guys are seriously amazing.
beautiful inside and out.
i absolutley loved spending the evening with them.
it was my last shoot in california
and i was so glad we were able to fit them in.
to see more pictures.. go here
check out the eyes on these kiddos!! so beautiful.
cute sisters.


Madeline said...

Super cute family! I love the third to last picture. adorable!


Cindy Olson said...

Tara I can't look at these enough!!! They are incredably amazing!!! Thank you for the very sweet compliment about us. You are so super sweet and so glad we got to meet up with you. So going to you for all our family portraits. Hope you are well. Glad you got back to Idaho safely:)

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