Tuesday, August 9, 2011


janet and brandon are married!!!
it really was just a beautiful wonderful day.
i absolutely loved being part of it.
i met some amazing people and had such a good time.
every detail of it was so stinking cute!! 
thank you so much to the brown & peacock family
for being so generous and kind to me all day.
you guys rock.


hello gorgeous. my goodness.

i may have said this before.. but first dances always make me cry. always.
especially when they are as sweet as this one.

ok guys. these are hand cut flowers. they were immaculate.

congrats mr. & mrs. peacock!


kelsie rae. said...

you rocked it!!! as always. janet is gorgeous and they look so happy!

Heather said...

Ah! This makes me so happy. Janet is a total babe :) haha. I wonder if you can adjust your code or something so your pictures don't get chopped off on the right?

lori said...

every single one of these images is amazing...magazine quality for sure! what a beautiful bride and groom, and what a beautiful wedding. i love all of these pictures so much! p.s. i am viewing your website on safari and none of your pictures are being chopped off on the right...don't know what heather is seeing.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness tara... these are AMAZING! this might be my favorite wedding you've done. i love the picture of them reenacting the cake topper :) and their going away pictures with the sparklers are absolutely perfect! you rock.

-mallory (on matt's computer)

Anonymous said...

oh i forgot to mention how much i love the collages you did! in love.

(mallo again, haha)

Grace said...

LOVE the pictures!! They turned out so beautiful! And I really love that I know where I was and how I helped with each picture. I loved getting to know you, this weekend, Tara! You're such a talented, beautiful lady!! Thanks for sharing your pretty pics!!

Molly said...

Tara- These are so so so beautiful! I kept saying oh wow, oh WOW! With every single new picture! Way to be cousin, you make me proud!!!

Russanne said...

I am DYING at how incredible of a job you did. What a perfect day!

Stephanie and Such said...

Great JOB!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To: Tara Nearents
From: Father of bride

The ability to capture goodness with your camera, which clearly you have done, must come in part from the goodness in you! My experience with photographers in the past did little to prepare me for the experience we enjoyed with you in the party. Thank you for your friendship with Janet, all your goodness, kindness, helpfulness and the wonderful memories you have preserved for our family. Hope to see you again.

Jim Brown Jr.

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