Friday, August 12, 2011


 i am so lucky to be able to photograph the beautiful people that i do.
this is cortney and matt. (cortney is corey's sister.)
beautiful light and beautiful people.
it was a happy day for me for sure.
they are so stinking cute together and 
i can't wait for their wedding on 11.11.11.

ps it seems like some people with pc laptops
(everyone else is fine)
are having the right side of my pictures be cut off.
i am in the process of getting it fixed.
anyone with ideas that will solve this problem...
feel free to share. :)


lori said...

wow...what a gorgeous couple!!! and wow...what gorgeous pictures!!! love all of these so much!

Dr. Johnsen said...

These pics are great!!! Great processing and shooting.

legalBob said...

Hey Tara, my wife is a fellow Rexburg photographer and I do webdesign has a hobby. We are also friends with Courtney Heirsche. The problem with the photos being cut off on the right is an "overflow:hidden" some where within your blogger CSS file. Just change "hidden" to "visible". The issue is with Chrome browsers. Email me @ with any questions.

mallosaurus said...

oh what a nice guy to help with your image problem! let me know if it works :)

i love the chair prop!!! it's so lovely. and i of course love your mom's swing :) it must be wonderful having new areas to photograph. i also love the last picture how their faces are in it but out of focus.... brilliant! miss you.

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