Tuesday, June 28, 2011


ok so these photos are almost cheating because of how
this couple is.
i'm obsessed.
this is my cousin matt and his beautiful wife (my bff)
(seen here and here and here... and a few more but you get the idea. hah.)
i love them both with all of my whole big fat wide heart.

ok so mallory bought a back up dress cause 
she was worried her real dress might have zipper issues on the wedding day.
(don't judge.. she bought the beautiful thing for like $40)
and she figured since she had it, we might as well take pictures. 
so six months seven month pictures seemed like a perfect idea.

and ok i am breaking all sorts of photo blogger rules
by going to a few of the same places i have been very recently.
such a rebellious photographer.
but i figure as long as the pictures don't look the same,
i can get away with it right???

 then we let matt go home and we took some bridals with her real dress.
this girl. seriously. is. stunning.
i really just can't get over it. 

so since i am breaking all sorts of photo blogger rules today.. 
i am going to break one more.
by posting two of the same picture because I CANT DECIDE!!
seriously though.. i might blow one of these up and put it huge on my bedroom wall.
so creepy. but i think mallo would be ok with it.
and if not.. i don't have to tell her.

so instead of judging my poor blogger etiquette today
how about you just help me decide yeah?


Kelsey Larson said...

Holy Buddha Tara. I love these! They're beauuuutiful. I'm secretly SO obsessed with all of your pictures. I stare at them like every day. Haha. But seriously! My sister is amazing.

lori said...

oh me oh my...mallory is the apple of my eye! these are so gorgeous! i love every single picture! if i had locations like that i would take ALL of my pictures there ALL of the time. don't fix something that's not broke! GORGEOUS! such lovely subjects to photograph, such lovely locations, and such lovely images! it's a winning combination!

brynna cadman said...

Beautiful pictures again. I always like the up close facial shots the best.

And I always want both choices because depending on the project or use for the picture one time I might like the color and the other the black and white.
So, I do love the black and white the best, but I find I usually choose color when I print for my wall.

mallosaurus said...

hahah you crack me up. you can tell people I forced you to take pictures in the same locations - it's okay. and maybe i'll blow up a picture of you to put on my bedroom wall so we're even. these are SO great and gorgeous. i love that lensbaby! :) and all the empty space in the photos - you know that's my fav! i love being the subject in epic pictures.... THANK YOU TIMES 1 BILLION TRILLION!!!! i love youu.

Brent and Mette Griffith said...

These turned out so great...no surprise there. I have to say I like the color one better. It just accentuates Mallory's beautiful skin and eyes. and the way the light is lighting her up and the background. Definitely my favorite.

Laura Watts Walsh said...

Oh hey, this is creeper Laura from church! These are great. Love both her dresses!

Molly said...

Wow Tara, these are so beautiful! I can't get over it. I love the color one myself but then I also love the black and white. The colors are just so pretty in the colored one. So so so dreamy!

Anonymous said...

So awesome Tara. Talented and beautiful lady. I def like the color one best. xoxo Kandy

Devin & Lindsay said...

OH MY GOSH!! These are amazing! They are a couple of gorgeous people, so I'm sure you didn't need much help with these! You're so dang good!!! :)

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