Saturday, June 25, 2011


ok these pictures make my whole heart happy.
heather is one of the greatest people i know.
i seriously just love her.
i am so unbelievably happy for her and ricky.
they are so perfect for each other.
i've known heather for a while and have never seen her SO happy.
so much laughing and smiling.
couples like this make me fall in love with my job all over again.

they bought these jerseys for each other for christmas
not knowing they bought each other the same thing.
so cute.

my goodness heather. you are seriously stunning.


kelsie rae. said...

that field pictures is EPIC.

mallosaurus said...

heather is so awesome. and yes... that field picture!! can we do one like that tomorrow?!! i wannit!!! or the field pictures in the post right before this one. i love all that empty sky space above them!!

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