Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i scored

there has been an empty box of oreos in our kitchen for a few days now.
i didn't want to come to terms with them being gone so i didn't throw it away.
but then i realized how ridiculous that was and decided to go through with it.
but then!! (this is where it gets good.)
there were THREE oreos left in it!
my husband saved them for ME!
seriously.. whatta guy!
oreos might not be a big deal to you.. 
but oh man this made my day.

that right there people.. 
is how you know you scored in the husband department.

happy tuesday everyone!



Emily said...

Oh my word, Tara. You're adorable. That's cute. I'm glad that you got the last three...and that they didn't have toothpaste in the middle.

mallosaurus said...


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