Monday, May 16, 2011

beautiful mallory

i got what every girl wants.. to have her best friend marry into her family.
mallory married my cousin matt a couple months ago and it's AWESOME!
i mean who wouldn't want their best friend part of their eternal family?

but yeah.. here are some pictures of beautiful mallory.
i am lucky to have her as my best friend/cousin.

my cousin is one lucky dude right?


mallosaurus said...

you are toooo kind. love these! i love the hanging branches :) SPRING IS HERE FINALLY

Emily Tingey said...

I almost commented on how no. 4 is my favorite, but then I looked at no. 3 and no. 5 and all the other numbers and my eyes burst into flames because you are a good photographer and mallory is a good pretty person. Thank you for giving me footage of my best friend whom I haven't seen in months.

reayx5 said...

Photographing Mallory is cheating... she is incapable of ruining an image... even if she tries.

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