Wednesday, March 23, 2011

wednesday loveylovies

both of these lovely couples are engaged.
they are so dang cute together.
i love people in love and photographing them.
best thing ever.

this is katya from ukraine.
the second you meet her, you absolutely love her. 
she is beautiful all the way to her very center.
and her fiance is so gentle and sweet to her.
there is something special between these two for sure.

photographing all these couples has been crazy but i have loved every second of it.
it is so wonderful to see all these different people brought together because of love.
i only get to spend a few minutes with each of them 
but every couple has been so wonderful. 

this project is due next week so if anyone else is wanting to be part of it
or know anyone else that might.. shoot me an email. 
thanks lovelies. 


Heather Webre (The First) said...

SO CUTE!! Thanks Tara :) You are a very talented photographer :)

kelsie rae. said...

you look gorgeous heather!!!!

tori b. said...

Hey! We know her! And she's engaged! That's awesome!

tara said...

i am glad you like them heather. =]

and she doesn't she kelsie??

and which one do you know tori?

mallosaurus said...

ah i'm so jealous you got to meet katya!

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