Tuesday, March 22, 2011

tuesday lovins

see i told you there would be more. =] 

pretty stoked that these guys couldn't find a babysitter.
hello cutest little boy ever.

this is brent and mette. 
aka some of the coolest people you'll ever meet. 
us four are legit bffs.
 we hang out till 2am playing n64 at least twice a week.
see what i mean? we are preeeetty dang cool.
no biggie.


Alex and Andrew Sorensen said...

I LOVE mette and brent. She was my roommate before we both got married. I like to think I was the last one she roomed with before she was stuck with brent for forever. haha just joking he is awesome too.

Okay well I am loving your pictures and if you need more people can I just say pick me pick me. I may have to do some serious sucking up to the hubby but you are great and I love it.

Sooooo just let us know. if not, no biggy. but seriously you are good.
I am a sophomore going into art, hopefully photography, and i want to be like you when i grow up :) I'm not that experienced yet. I need to get that ball rolling.

well now that you have a suppper long comment i will say goodbye :)

Brent and Mette Griffith said...

yay I feel so loved! You said it perfectly, seriously bff : ) Which reminds me...you free this weekend haha. Love ya girl. and thanks again.

Kents said...

So, I'm Mette's older sister and just wanted to say, great photos and I'm so glad you are bff's with Mette and Brent. I like them a lot too!!

tara said...

hey alex and andrew.. i would love to take your pictures. shoot me an email of what times work for you and we will figure something out. tell your hubby it will only take like 5 min. =] and thanks so much for the compliments. it really means a lot. and you totally should go for it!! it rocks. =]

mette.. do you even have to ask? hah.

and yup. brent and mette are pretty dang awesome. we are lucky to have them as friends.

mallosaurus said...

hey i know the girl in the first pictures. she's in my marketing emphasis. super tall and SUPER nice! i guess it's not surprising that everyone knows someone you have taken a picture of.... haha.

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