Tuesday, March 8, 2011

no excuses

i remember i could not stop looking at my ring when i got engaged.
but after a while it becomes just another normal thing.
every once in a while though, i look down and fall in love with it all over again.
[this picture is me doing just that]
i love what it symbolizes and what it reminds me of.

i have decided that a marriage can be everything you've ever wanted it to be.
before i got married, i was always so worried about finding that perfect someone.
then i found him. 
but now we get to make this marriage into what we want it to be.
and it is 100 percent up to us.
scary/really awesome.

no excuses. be happy and in love no matter what. make the choice.
call me naive but i am in this for the long haul
and am going to do everything i possibly can to make it as wonderful as possible.
i mean.. why choose to be miserable right?

instead of getting frustrated with little annoyances so easily, 
i am going to laugh more.
and instead of being so wrapped up in day to day things,
i am going to lay a big fat one on him every time he walks through the front door.

laughing and kissing.. 
those are some pretty sweet goals right? :)

what are your goals/advice/ideas/ramblings on marriage/relationships?


Sara T. said...

I do the same thing with my ring. And I completely agree with everything else you said. I haven't been married much longer than you, but I'll tell you a little something I've learned. I realized that it's all about our attitude and our thoughts (which you seem to be realizing in the post). Don't sweat the small stuff, and think about all the good. Think about the reasons you love him, instead of the things that annoy you. Tell each other the things you appreciate often.

When I have this mindset John notices my happiness and our relationship grows every day. Marriage is so gooooood :)

tori b. said...

One thing that has been a huge help to Jordan and I is the simple idea that when you have a problem with the other person, the problem is probably just with you. You have to fix yourself before you can fix the other person, and once you set yourself straight, you usually see that it was just you all along: the other person wasn't really doing anything. Marriage is the perfect place to learn that you can only control yourself (your thoughts, your words, your actions, your feelings) and once you do that, everything is really ok :) No one can make you mad, or offended. It's really up to you. Just like you said, marriage is what YOU make it.

ps. I loved this post. Thank you :)

Chelsea Fitch said...

Did you take this with a lensbaby? I love lensbabies!

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