Tuesday, June 4, 2013


guys there is nothing like spring in rexburg.
the blossoms and perfect weather are enough
to make my heart swell and burst. add this guy
and his beautiful bride to be and it almost threw
me off the edge of giddy loveliness.
james is serious quality and i've been lucky enough to
have him as one of my greatest friends for a long time.
leah is so perfect and wonderful and these two
are going to make one heck of a happy life together.


Beverly Houpt said...

AH! Gorgeous!
Photographing people in love is the best

Ashley said...

Okay. These are some of the cutest engagements that I have ever seen! LOVE them.

Cassi Penrod said...

Lookin' good James! And Leah, you are gorgeous! Congrats guys!
And you did a fantastic job, Tara. Love you!

nutlis adward said...

Looking Gorgeous ! GreatPhotography. cute,sweet babies looking so...... so nice! :)

hasan hosin said...

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