Monday, March 4, 2013

the lackey family

sometimes everything lines up right in the world and great things happen.
you may think that is dramatic for a photo shoot, but there is just something about
a beautiful couple who are totally still into each other after years of being together
who bring a beautiful baby into the world who they are crazy in love with that fills
me with all sorts of cheesy warm fuzzies. and then i am lucky enough to spend
my afternoon with them in a totally rad location with enough beautiful window
light to make any photographer swoon. so i hope these pictures do justice of all that
warm fuzzie goodness craziness coming from this side of the computer screen.
 ^my heart swells with oozing goodness every time i look at this picture^
 angel baby
 ^hello beautiful people^


Beverly Houpt said...

I know what you mean, about the warm fuzzies. That happens to me too on occasion! I'll be editing photos asking myself why I don't have a baby, haha!

AlyciaMealy said...

tara you are so talented!!


P.s. do you have a button i can put on my blog for your shop or your blog??

Natasha said...

Those are ADORABLE!!!!
and that little baby girl is sooo sweet!!!!
Great job!!!!! Great pictures!!!

itbritt said...

swooning for sure. Gosh, just look at that light and the beautiful way you captured it!

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