Monday, March 25, 2013

desert diaries

i think growing up in california made me somewhat of a desert rat.
thick green trees and snow are fun to visit but for some reason
the desert just makes my heart happy. makes it feel like we're home.
the hubby and i bought a isuzu trooper a while back that we have
grand plans for. but for now it might not look like much, but romping
around the desert with the windows down makes for a pretty fun date night.
add some jason's deli to the mix and we are one dang happy family.
for all you off road enthusiasts.. hopefully you think we are as funny as we do. :)


Lydia Shook said...

The last picture on the boulder. So great.

April G said...

We used to go 4-wheeling on our dates too (well, we still do) ;) And such great pictures!

lori said...

haha! that last pic is a classic to be sure! love it!!

mallosaurus said...

haha nice flex :)

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