Saturday, January 26, 2013

freaking awesome pillow diy

i don't have beautiful wood floors or a bazillion dollars
to spend, but i was sick of our bedroom looking poopie.
so here is an idea of something super easy and 
saves you from spending a ton of money.
there are prolly a bazillion tutorials out there for this
kind of thing so we'll keep it short and sweet...
1. buy these $3 and something covers from walmart
2. they even have sweet zippers
3. buy this $4 and something paint from hobby lobby
4. cut up old potatoes that you were going to throw away anyways
5. squirt paint onto a paper plate, dip the tater, and make
dirt cheep but friggin awesome pillows
things i learned:
1. i am totally a perfectionist but if you try too hard to make the pattern perfect,
the little mistakes stick out like a sore thumb. so let it looked stamped on purpose.
2. play with the amount of paint on the potato. it all gives different looks.
3. if you want the zippers on the inside and zipped to the bottom so you don't see
them when your bed is made, plan your stamping accordingly.
4. it will bleed to the back so you can put something like cardboard in the middle
to prevent that, but i didn't worry about it.
5. its crazy addicting and i am stamping everything in sight. :)


Beverly Houpt said...

I love the chevron-y one!

LWLH said...

This is awesome and oh so easy. I will be trying this. :) Thanks girl.

Ash said...

Your place is so cute! I loved the little glimpses I got in the video of your little one too. It's totally something I'd see on sweet home style or any other home lovin' site! Wonderful!

kelsiec said...

Love this!

Cassi Penrod said...

You make me sick! You are so talented! :)

Sarah Laine said...

Hi! I was wondering where you got your wall hanging? I absolutely love it. Cute pillows too. :)

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