Sunday, May 27, 2012

the jones family

i love being able to photograph families more than once.
it is always so fun seeing them again and watching their kids grow up.
and check out lorelei's curls! still as envious as ever.
and to top off their awesomeness.. these guys endured the 
wind and rain to get these.
crazy idaho.

Friday, May 25, 2012

mike&arianna in b&w

you might remember this beautiful couple from here or here.
they were the winners of the thank you photo shoot too. :)
i was so excited when arianna asked me if we could do a dramatic
shoot in black and white because they are the perfect couple for it.
it was so fun to do something different and work with this beautiful couple again.
 love them :)

recent ramblings

our life lately...
in the next 3 months, i will be a mom, matt will be graduated, and our little life
here will be packed into boxes and moved to start over in a new strange place.
we won't live next door to our best friends or drive by the place we met 
almost everyday anymore.
i have to say goodbye to all my amazing photography clients and 
start over in a new place.

that diploma has been a major bitter sweet thing for me.
our time here in little rexburg, idaho is coming to an end and we are moving on.
i know i am in a huge transition phase in my life and for the first little while, I hated it.
i felt useless and bored. but i think that was my cue to slow down and take everything in.
i am not going to have this part of my life ever again and man it's been wonderful.

things i love about our little life:
1. matt and i hang out till like 1am everyday. i know you are supposed to grow out of that,
and we probably will, but haven't yet. i sincerely enjoy his company every second i can get.
2. birthday surprises that include a perfect night that i want to freeze in my mind forever.
3. buying little girl things that i pull out of the bag over and over and try to imagine 
what she will look like in them. i hug all of her blankets and clothes. a lot.
4. catching matt peak at me when he kisses me. i caught him doing this when we were dating
once and i was like what the heck?! he says he likes looking at me. hah. i'll take it.
5. catching my husband take a picture of me while we were hanging out with friends
cause "he likes my new hair". simple and dumb maybe but i melted.

the laundry and dishes need to be done, photos need to be edited, i probably
should get dressed, find a place to live in august, get my etsy shop up and 
running and go grocery shopping.
but i just needed to take a minute. thanks for letting me share it.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

the campbell family

i'm pretty sure my sides still hurt from all the laughing i did at this shoot.
this family is seriously the cutest and those boys are SO ridiculously funny.
i was legitimately sad when this photo shoot came to an end. 
these guys rock. :)
i can't even handle the oozing cuteness of this family.
hot mama :)
unreal handsome.