Thursday, November 29, 2012

recreating olivia

i was reading though books the other day with my baby girl
and stumbled across this adorable book featuring a cute spunky pig
named olivia. she totally reminded me of my cousin's little girl, lenna
who loves to dance and sing and even though she is only two, has complete
conversations and says things like.. "oh, i just can't find my words!"
thanks lenna for letting me try my "recreating a book" idea on you.
you're the cutest.
lenna asking to help her paint a polka dot.
what two year old even knows what a polka dot is?!


Cassi Penrod said...

AHH! TARA! These pictures are adorable! I love the ones of her dancing and singing. So fun! You always have the best ideas. You are so creative! Days later, Lenna and I were talking about all the things we did while we were in CA and Lenna mentioned "painting". She loved that! Thank you soooooo much! We love you!!!

LWLH said...

These pictures are just oozing preciousness!
She is such a little doll. :)

kelsie rae. said...

Those props are so cute! Love the idea of it all! What a cutie pie.

lori said...

these pictures really are the cutest thing in the whole wide world!!! love them so much!!

Anonymous said...

This could not be more cute! What a wonderful idea, child and photos. I can tell this was taken with a whole bunch of love from the person behind the camera. Much love to you and your precious family. Auntie Di

Marilyn Larson said...

These pictures were just amazing! I couldn't stop looking at them. Lenna is just the cutest little girl ever. What personality! You capture so much of what she is. Now if I can just find Sara's kids photos on here....

Kristal said...

ok so your blog is adorable and i love this post on lenna and olivia! i just saw the olivia book this week and i cant wait to start a book collection for my kids, when i have kids that is! :) new follower.

Ashlee Christopher said...

You are so talented!! Found you via thats comma with a k and love your blog!! Newest follower!
Come stop by and say if you get a chance

Product Photographer said...

Lenna is very cute indeed! On the other hand, the photographer has done a great job of bringing out the cuteness of Lenna in all the photos.

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